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FS: 1955-1959 Trucks and Parts, Rio Dell, CA

Master Trucks for the Master Tradesman: 1955 - 1959 Chevrolet Task Force and GMC Blue Chip ONLY. Classifieds for this generation may be posted here.

FS: 1955-1959 Trucks and Parts, Rio Dell, CA

Postby 1956 » Fri Mar 06, 2009 5:52 pm

These trucks are some that I looked at on March 5, 2009. The seller's name is Mike and can be reached at 707.498.8114. They are located in Rio Dell, CA.

1957 3800 Panel

It's as solid as any orignial I've ever seen. It has solid rockers, solid wheel arches, solid gutters, and solid rear doors. It does need some straightening on both rear quarters at about knee level. Otherwise it looks real straight. Fenders and hood are in good to very good condition. The driver and passenger doors need patching at the bottom. Aside from the doors, the worst rust I saw was close to the top of the cowl on the passenger side by the battery; it was a little flakey but still looked solid. The chassis looked unmolested. The front straight axle is gone but the owner -bolted- in an IFS (without -any- frame modifications, reportedly) so that it was easy to move about. It does not have a motor and it is not registered.

He's asking $2000.

1958 32 Apache Fleetside Deluxe Big Window

This truck has the original paint with a lot of superficial surface rust. It has some serious rust on the hood and some in the door hinge pockets. There is some serious rust starting to form on the driverside floor and the doors are rusted out at the bottom. The rear corners of the cab look very good, as does the entire bed. It has all of the deluxe trim (including windshield). The column shifter and linkage is present, but the motor and tranny are gone. The dash has been cut and the bed wood is shot. It is missing some of the deluxe knobs from the dash. The front bumper is in very good shape, as is the rear, aftermarket bumper. The body is also pretty straight.

This truck was the one that I was most interested in. But his price was quite a bit more than I was interested in spending: $2000.

1956 3200 Standard Cab

This truck is in fair condition. I didn't take a real close look at it -- just close enough to see that the sheetmetal cab and front wrap was worth saving. It is semi-dismantled and needs plenty of work. It's not running and I don't know what it's missing.

He wants $1500.

He also has a couple of other trucks -- one is a '55-'59 truck with 55-57 front wrap and short fleetside bed sitting on a late 80s Caprice chassis.

I can't remember what the last one was aside from a short step; I looked at it several months ago and it is not at the same location as the others. The front wrap was '55-'57 but it looked as though it was sitting on a '58/9 frame because the front bumper was a little too far forward.

All of these are very much project trucks.
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